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What Is Cost Accounting?

Cost accounting is a type of management accounting that considers both fixed expenses, such a renting payment, and the variable costs associated with each stage of the manufacturing process in order to determine the overall cost of production for a business.


  • Management may make informed company decisions with the aid of internal cost accounting.

  • In opposed to financial accounting, which provides data to external financial statement customers, cost accounting is not bound by predetermined guidelines and can be modified to meet the specific requirements of management. 

  • Cost accounting is therefore not consistent with GAAP and cannot be utilized on official financial statements. 

  • All production-related input costs, both variable and fixed, are taken into account in cost accounting. 

  • Among the several forms of cost accounting are standard costing, activity-based costing, marginal costing, and lean accounting. 

Types of Cost

  • Fixed Cost does not change based on volume of production. These often include items like a building's loan or lease payment or a monthly fixed-rate depreciation on a piece of equipment. These expenses would remain constant regardless of production levels.

  • Variable costs associated with a company's output level. For instance, when a florist shop buys more flowers from the neighborhood nursery in preparation for Valentine's Day, the cost of the arrangements will go up.

  • Operating costs are expenses related to a company's daily activities. These expenses may be variable or constant based on the particulars of each case.

  • Direct Cost directly associated with a product's production. The cost of the coffee beans and the labor hours of the coffee roaster are the direct costs of the completed product, assuming the machine spends five hours roasting coffee.

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