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It is essential to file income tax returns accurately in order to prevent future notices from the income tax department, late filing fees, interest on payments that are past due, penalties, etc. The filing of income tax returns occurs annually. The tax calculation period in India is from April 1st to March 31st. This year is taken into account when submitting an annual income tax return. According to changing tax laws and legislative amendments, it is now important to take all relevant factors into account while submitting income taxes. even in situations when submitting a foreign income tax return is required.

What is the role of an Income Tax Consultant?

Experts in tax deductions and responsibility are tax consultants. They assist customers in creating trusts and properties, prepare tax returns, and look for deductions to reduce their tax burden. They assist in defining and sorting out the tax implications of life events including marriage, births, divorces, and other life events. They also educate customers on taxes on income from rental properties. They also assist in handling difficult tax situations, charity giving, and inheritance issues.

In addition to keeping up with new government and state tax regulations, tax consultants advise their customers on a variety of financial topics, such as retirement taxes, trusts, and estates. They might be asked to visit a client at their place to offer advice or assist in lowering their tax obligation. They assist their clients in making well-informed judgments on their unique tax-related concerns. They also evaluate and investigate difficult circumstances to find answers, calculate tax savings, and suggest tactics that would lessen a client's burden. A degree in accounting, taxation, or a similar discipline is required of tax consultants.

What duties are typical for careers involving income tax consultants?

  • Regular communication by phone, email, and in person with clients and other workers is required for this position. 

  • Change, examine, and evaluate customer information from different accounting and reporting platforms.

  • Answer questions from clients and respond with requests from state agencies.
    draft submissions, including refund claims, redetermination requests, and other administrative answers.

  • Determine the correct sales/use taxes owed by carefully examining transaction data and the related paperwork. This can help you quantify refund claims and/or audit assessment reductions. 

  • Investigate state-specific tax difficulties and assist in creating tax planning strategies.

  • Deal with the complexity and technical tax problems that arise from client operations.

  • Keep an eye on suggested laws and changes to the tax code related to transactions in order to keep customers informed of any prospective benefits or drawbacks. 

  • Help the management create project work schedules and assign deadlines for related project deliverables.

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