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Shop Act License or Shop Act It's a government-issued license. To Begin or Manage the Enterprise. Every Business Must Register for A Shop Act License or Under the Shop Act. It is legal for business owners to operate, especially in the state of Maharashtra.

For all shops and commercial establishments functioning in Maharashtra Pune, Shop Act Registration is a necessary legal procedure. Businesses receive legal legitimacy through this crucial registration process, which safeguards the rights of both employers and employees. We will discuss the specifics of the Shop Act Registration procedure in Pune, the paperwork needed, the registration costs, and the advantages of registering in this blog.

Why shop Act Registration required?

Shop Act Registration is necessary for those wishing to launch a business. Having a Shop Act license is required when starting a business. Under the Shop and Establishment Act, any type of business may register. It's also necessary if you want a business current account at the bank. It serves as evidence that you are conducting business at the specified location or address.

Shop Act Registration process in Pune

The Shop Act Registration process in Pune is a methodical process that calls for careful thought and comprehension. Using the Labor Department website, applicants must first submit an online application to begin the process. The actions to take are as follows:

  1. Create an Account: To begin, go to the Labor Department's website and create an account. 

  2. Completing the Application Form: After creating an account, enter accurate information about the store or business in the form.

  3. Submit Documentation: Provide scanned copies of the necessary paperwork. 

  4. Fee Payment: Make the required online payments. 

  5. Certificate Receipt: You'll get an acknowledgment receipt following a successful payment. The Shop Act License will be provided in a specific period of time.

Shop Act Registration Documents Needed

  1. PAN card of the company founder 

  2. Owner of the business's Aadhar card

  3. Provide evidence of the business's establishment. 

  4. Rental agreement or company property ownership documentation

  5. passport-sized photos of the company's proprietor

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