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PF and ESI Registration in Pune 

Companies with more than 20 employees are required PF and ESI Registration. Additionally, companies with fewer than 20 workers are welcome to voluntarily register. For Indian workers, Employee State Insurance Corporation oversees Employee State Insurance (ESI). It offers workers health insurance as well as other perks. Any business with more than 20 employees that pays a maximum of Rs. 21000 per month must comply.

What is PF Registration?

Provident Fund, or PF as it is most commonly called. In India, Provident Fund is a widely recognized and embraced savings vehicle. Individuals who work for different companies in a range of industries, including the public, private, and government sectors, register with the EPF. The Employees Provident Fund, also known as EPF, is governed under the Employees Provident Fund and Various Provisions Act of 1952. After hiring 20 workers, the company must complete EPF registration within 30 days. This is tax-free and is donated by the company as well as the employee. Both the interest and the EPF sum are excluded from income tax.

What is ESI Registration?

Employees State Insurance Corporation, also known as ESIC, is the state insurance program for employees that was implemented by the Central Government following India's independence. Private businesses risk complications down the road if they neglect to register under the ESIC Act of 1948. ESIC is a self-financing health insurance plan and social security program for workers in India. It provides them with medical and disability benefits. It is an independent organization under the Ministry of Labor and Employment of the Government of India, established by law. It is an Indian worker scheme. Employees receive a vast array of financial, health, and other perks from their employers.

Benefits of PF and ESI Registration:

  • EPF is tax-free, and there is no interest charged. 

  • Gives financial security because it's an investment with a long term 70% sickness benefit available for a maximum of 91 days 

  • Benefits for health insurance for the worker and their families 

  • Benefit of maternity 

  • In the event of an employee's death or disability while they are employed, their dependents receive 90% of their monthly wage. 

  • Funeral expenses 

  • Medical costs for elder care

From the moment of hire, every employee is qualified to register for the Employee Provident Fund (EPF). The employer bears the duty for PF deduction and payment. Employer and employee should split the 12% PF contribution of the employee's base pay evenly. The PF deduction rate for companies with less than 20 employees is 10% of the base wage.

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