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What is a tax audit?

An "audit" is a check, review, verification, or examination of a record, transaction, account, etc. The process of examining and verifying a taxpayer's financial records to ensure compliance with income tax regulations is known as a tax audit. 

The Income Tax Act of 1961's Section 44AB addresses the audit of the accounts of a specific group of people who are either professionals or people operating businesses. The class of taxpayers specified in this section are required by law to have a chartered accountant audit their books.

The different sections of the Income Tax law pertaining to these accounts will be examined and verified by the CA. In short, a tax audit is the audit that is mandated by Income Tax Act, 1961 Section 44AB. 

An audit report is the audit's output. The chartered accountant compiles this report, which includes his or her conclusions and observations regarding the subject of the audit's compliance.

What does a tax audit aim to achieve?

The following goals are to be accomplished during a tax audit: 

  • Maintain the books of accounts, make sure they are accurate, and get a tax auditor to certify them.

  • The goal of filing required information is to make sure you conform by the different income tax laws. 

  • Additionally, tax audits guarantee that the requests for deductions are valid and that the records accurately reflect the taxpayer's real income.

Tax Auditors Responsibilities:

  • Visiting clients to review and evaluate financial and tax information.
    creating audit strategies and doing accounting system analyses.

  • Calculating nontaxable expenses, taxable income, and appropriate tax deductions.

  • Applying tax laws and regulations from the federal, state, and local levels to auditing processes. 

  • Assessing tax refunds, collecting unpaid taxes, and submitting tax returns. 

  • Assembling and providing finance management with comprehensive tax audit reports.

  • Developing best practices and making suggestions for tax management. 

  • Directing the application of suggestions from tax audits. 

  • Staying up to date on auditing procedures and tax rules and regulations.

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